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Why Choose Us Over Other Companies in Miami, Fl?

  • We Efficiently Find You Renters

    In order to maximize your investment, it’s advisable to avoid vacancies. As part of our full-service management solutions, we'll market your rentals on over 40 popular top real estate websites. Our Miami, Homestead property management group offers deals with the entire marketing process, our owners can rest assured we'll find someone to rent their unit as soon as possible. Our management’s goal is not to find just anyone, but to get the top fit for your property. As Miami, FL managers go, we're one of the most thorough.
  • We Get the Best Price for Your Property

    While undercharging on your units might get a tenant to occupy it quickly, you will always receive less money from your property than you should, so long as the lease is still in effect. On the other hand, if you ask for too much, it will take longer for you to find a tenant and will result in you losing money because there are no rent payments coming in. Our real estate professionals strategically price our clients' units in relation to market averages after carrying out an extensive market study.
  • We'll Offer Thorough Tenant Screenings

    Another one of our services is a comprehensive screening process that ensures only the finest people occupy your units. We also target long-term renters who will stay in your rental unit for an extended duration. As your manager, we approach checks for reliability as we want someone who can commit long-term. Our screening service includes credit history, employment, criminal, and rental history checks on all prospects. We strive to find people who will pay our owners consistently, handle their properties with care and abide by the lease. And the best part is our owners won’t have to deal with any more late-night calls from their unit! Our professional services will make sure that tenants stay happy at all hours of the day.
  • We Offer an Automated System of Rent Submission and Disbursement

    Our Homestead property management services include a modern and automated system that allows tenants to conveniently and easily submit their payments. Our company will take care of rent collection on our customer's behalf so owners can concentrate on other important matters. We understand that an owner's property is valuable to them, so we strive to send our customers payments on a timely and consistent basis. One of our managers will make sure rent collection is conducted smoothly. Should there be any hiccups with a tenant, we will take care of the issue on our own customer's behalf.
  • We Take Care of the Eviction Process on Your Behalf

    While we don't like to deal with tenant evictions because of the costs associated with the entire process. That being said, certain circumstances compel us to evict tenants. We will handle the whole process for you. Eviction is a legal process that has to be executed within the confines of the local rental laws. We are here to handle this legal process and the tenants on your behalf and ensure the judge rules in your favor when the case goes to court. Our managers take charge of everything so you don't have to worry about anything. We keep you updated on the progress of the case.
  • We Ensure Your Rentals Are Legally Compliant

    There are numerous laws that govern the local real estate industry that you might not be aware of when managing a rental unit. Our real estate professionals are well-versed in all rental property laws and managing maintenance requirements. When you work with us, we'll ensure your rentals are compliant with state laws. Compliance helps you to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities where you’d pay huge fines that could have otherwise been avoided. This legal compliance results in more money in your pocket.
  • We Safeguard Your Investment

    Your Homestead property is in good hands as we provide maintenance and inspections on it to make sure your Miami area rental remains in top-notch condition. We know you've invested a lot of money in your rental, so we take all necessary preventative maintenance measures. Our expert property managers regularly carry out preventative upkeep practices, inspections, and maintenance. This allows us to make sure that any repairs are promptly addressed before they get worse. You can be assured that your investment and tenants are being well-cared for. If you are interested in more information, please give us a call today.
  • You Can Have Quick Access to Your Financial Information

    Everyone wants to have timely updates and financial reporting on how their Miami area investments are doing. The advantage of having your property managed by one of our managers is that we are committed to ensuring that you have easy and quick access to financial records and data. For us, this is important as we want to manage your investment properties in a transparent manner. Our financial reporting is clear. We provide you with regular financial reports and also allow you to access your Homestead property records in real-time via our online portal. Financial accounting has never been easier!
  • Owners Benefit from Professional Support and Maximize Their ROI

    Having been in the real estate business for many years, we have an in-depth understanding of Miami's rental market. Given our experience, we are committed to providing tailored advice and services for you to maximize the return on your investment. There are so many benefits of allowing us to manage your rentals. If you are interested in more information, please give us a call today.