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Tenant Screening Services

Background Check

Good tenant screening practices are critical in order to enjoy a profitable rental business. When you fail to properly screen your tenant applicants, your rental property's financial health can struggle. Our tenant screening process is aimed at ensuring the most qualified and suitable tenant gets to rent your home.

At Income Realty Corp, we have a comprehensive tenant screening process. Every tenant who applies undergoes our screening process to ascertain their suitability to rent your property. Furthermore, all tenant prospects are pre-qualified to make sure the tenant needs match your rental property before showing.

What Do We Check For When Screening Potential Tenants?

1. Capacity to Make Rental Payments

At Income Realty Corp, we take specific measures to ensure an applicant is capable of paying rent on time once they occupy your rental property. To get this information, we consider the following factors:

2. Tenant's Rental History

Our background checks are based on the following areas:

3. Criminal History

We do criminal background checks to determine if a prospective tenant has ever been convicted of a crime. Our background checks entail various crimes such as murder, theft or sexual offenses.

Once the above steps have been completed and we're satisfied, we move on to the next stage which involves the following activities:

Our tenant screening process has proven to be quite effective in helping to select qualified tenants. Most importantly, it is done according to Florida law and abides by the Federal Fair Housing Rules.

Income Realty Corporation has been providing real estate services for the Miami market for nearly 40 years. If you're looking for a highly reputable property management company in Miami with the best tenant screening procedures, call us today at (305) 251.5561.