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Investing in your Coconut Grove property wasn't a small decision. Selecting the right Florida property management firm to manage it isn't easy either. We at Income Realty Corporation have been in the property management business for nearly 40 years and we know what it takes to successfully manage your rental unit.

We know how to position each client’s unit to attract and keep long-term tenants. We do everything possible to make sure your rental property is leased and a good tenant is renting our unit. With our property management services, your Coconut Grove, Florida rental properties will be in great hands!

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How do we professionally take care of your rental property?

To achieve our amazing results, we only use effective and proven marketing strategies. The first step is to perform a comparative rental analysis.

Our market analysis helps landlords and us make data-informed decisions about their rental unit, including rate estimates and other information so they can invest and manage their investment properties more wisely.

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    Get Optimized Rental Value for Your Property
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    Gain Crucial Insight into Current Market Conditions
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    Determine Your Cashflow from Monthly Rental Value

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An essential part of property management is ensuring that your investment properties are rented. That's why we offer you quality marketing services for their Coconut Grove area rentals. 

After making sure that the unit is in tip-top condition, we will begin to advertise it. We start by taking professional photos of both the interior and exterior of your rental property. Posting high-quality images are the only way that potential tenants can get an idea of what the Coconut Grove unit looks like. We only use professional photographers for this job because we want to ensure that your unit is showcased at its best.

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Tenant Screening

Our screening procedures are designed to make sure that your housing units get reliable, responsible, and long-term renters. A qualified and reliable tenant is one who pays rent on time, respects the terms of the lease agreement, and reasonably maintains their Coconut Grove rental. 

We conduct background checks and look into their credit rating, tenant history, and work information, even for short-term rentals. Once we are satisfied with the tenant’s track record, and we trust their ability to pay the deposits and monthly rents, we approve their application and they can sign the lease. Additionally, our property management team always makes sure that the screening process conforms to the Fair Housing Act.

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Rent Collection

Being in the Coconut Grove's property management business for over 40 years, we have perfected our methods for collecting rent. We make sure that it is convenient and fast for our clients. We have user-friendly systems in place to ease the collection process. It’s also automated, reliable, and very efficient. Furthermore, we will deposit your rental income directly into your bank account.

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Preventative Maintenance & Repairs

One of the major perks of hiring a competent property management company like ours is that you can rest easy knowing that their property is in good hands. We carry out preventative measure for maintaining your investment unit and early repairs to ensure small issues don’t become worse and eventually increase your property’s deterioration. We use a planned preventive system, as well as regular visits to each property unit to make sure everything is well maintained.

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Financial Reporting

We take financial management very seriously. We care about your investment as if it were our own, which is why we have the best and most skilled people to handle it on our team. We maintain records of all financial transactions, making sure that all of the financial documentation is saved and up-to-date. Monitoring your unit becomes easier through this process because you can then access these records through our online access owner portal.

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Eviction Protection

Evictions are never a walk in the park. They can be messy and time-consuming. It’s also never easy because it involves legal proceedings. Although, if it comes to it and when all other avenues have been exhausted, we will carry out an eviction. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that the process is civilized, smooth, and within the law.

Maintenance & Rehab

Pristine property management requires long-term thinking and appropriate action. Every property managed by IRC is brought up to excellent condition in a timely manner - our aim is for each property to be "the pride of the neighborhood" so occupants will be glad to live or work there, and to pay suitable charges. Through installation and use of a computerized planned preventive maintenance system, driven by regular visits to each property unit, IRC properties continue to be the best for many years into the future.

We encourage each owner to let us establish a maintenance, repair, and replacement (MRR) reserve fund for each property, and is added to each month from income so that funds are always readily available when needed. Planned repair is far cheaper than fix-it-when-it-breaks methods, as:

  • • Labor for planned jobs can be scheduled and is thus more efficient
  • • Required parts and materials can be ordered in advance more cheaply
  • • Fewer disruptive breakdowns occur - a fact that makes owners and occupants happier

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