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How to Film a Great Video Tour of your Rental

How to Film a Great Video Tour of your Rental

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Also known as 3D tours or 3D walkthroughs, virtual tours have become a hot topic in the real estate world. For a long time, virtual tours have only been popular with sellers and buyers. But renters and landlords are fast catching up to the craze. 

As a landlord, virtual tours can greatly boost your marketing, providing you with an edge over the competition. But please note that virtual tours aren’t a replacement for high-quality photos. Individual photos are still crucial for rental listings. While some tenants might still want a physical tour of the property, virtual tours are now being preferred by most.

The following is a quick guide on how to film a great video tour of your rental property. 

Film in Landscape Mode

Filming in portrait mode isn’t recommended. The two vertical bars on each side of the screen are not only aesthetically unpleasing, but you’ll also not be able to capture more in the video. 

Filming in landscape orientation will allow you to take a high-quality video for a better viewing experience. 

Pay Attention to the Lighting

Just like when taking photos, lighting is everything when it comes to videos. Ideally, you’ll want to film the video in the late afternoon. However, be mindful of strong sun rays beaming through the windows. These can make your footage look overexposed or washed out. 

If you happen to grab the footage when there are strong sun rays, then consider closing your blinds a bit. 

Other than strong sun rays, you’ll also want to pay attention to the backlighting, as well. Backlighting will occur when you shoot directly into the light source. And as a result, this will ultimately overshadow whatever you’re trying to film. 

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For best results, film when the natural light is on your back versus when facing it. You’ll also want to make small adjustments in regard to the amount of natural light in the film. 

And if using a smartphone, avoid using its built-in light. The quality that natural light offers is unmatched.

Manage the Background Audio

There are two ways of going about audio when filming. That is, the decision of whether or not to incorporate a narration. 

Would you like to provide an additional context for certain features of your property? If so, then consider incorporating a narration within the video. You can use the narration to let prospects know of things like:

Remember, an in-person showing allows a tenant to ask important questions. And, while a virtual showing doesn’t allow for back-and-forth communication, it shouldn’t any different. You should ensure that prospects get a feel of your expectations. 

Be natural in the narration. You want to picture it like you’re talking directly to an actual human being on the other side of the screen. 

If you don’t plan on having a narration, then you’ll want to edit out all the awkward background noise. Alternatively, when filming, turn your audio into mute. You may also want to add some music to help keep your views focused and engaged. 

Showcase the Best Features of Your Property 

Just like you would with photos, be sure to showcase the best attributes your property has. This is what will make your property stand out from the competition and will give prospective tenants a way to see the value of your property. The following are some desirable attributes you may want to feature in the video tour. 

nice kitchen

  • Spacious backyard
  • Ample bedroom
  • New carpet
  • City skyline views
  • Tall ceilings
  • A pool 

Limit your Usage of the Zoom Feature 

Although most smartphones will have a zoom feature, we recommend not using it. The functionality will make things appear closer but at the expense of pixelation. 

Also advisedly, rather than zooming in, simply walk nearer the object to capture it. 

Keep Your Fingers to Yourself when Filming

A no brainer, right? While it may seem the obvious thing to do, it is pretty easy to block the lens inadvertently. And it’s only when you start the editing process that you’ll realize an odd-looking color in the film. 

What’s more, blocking the lens may also lead to compromised exposure and lighting. 

Steady Your Hands While Recording

Nothing will distract a viewer more than a shaky video. When recording the film, you’ll want to keep your hands firm and steady. 

Preferably, stand against a wall or in a corner. Next, hold your phone close to your body and establish a wide shot. And lastly, brace your arm at your torso and make a shot. Having to twist your torso when taking a shot will eliminate any shakiness.

man with thumbs up

If your videos are still coming out as shaky, consider purchasing a tripod. It’ll help you to gain full control over the camera by eliminating unwanted movement and delivering a crisper image altogether.  

Edit Your Film

To help put your video together, you’ll want to spare some time to edit your footage. The following are a few apps to help you in this regard. 

  • iMovie. You can use this editing app if you use a Mac, iPad or an iPhone. It’s a simple app to use, even for beginners. All you’ll need to do is drag and drop clips to organize your footage, and then start the editing process such as trimming some parts. 
  • VidTrim. This is for Android users. It includes multiple video editing features, such as merging, trimming, frame grabbing, and transcoding. It also has an intuitive interface that is perfectly adjusted to touch controls. 
  • Splice. Just like iMovie, this is designed for iPhone app users. It does everything iMovie does. It provides functionalities such as video sharing, media library, cross-platform, and collaboration.
  • Filmora. This is another alternative for Android smartphone users. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you’ll find editing videos using the app to be a cinch. 

Bottom Line

While a virtual video may not completely replace in-person showings, they're handy when more convenience and less of interactions are paramount. These tips should help ensure you film a great video tour that helps you attract the right tenant. 

If you're still unsure of how to make your virtual tour stand out, get in touch with our team here at Income Realty Corporation. We have years of experience that will help your property be as successful as possible.